The Beard is here!

Beards are trending and men are grooming their facial hair with pride. The beard has always been something that man has never abandoned, in recent years has become an element of class and distinction. The Barber Shop fever has only confirmed this phenomenon. The beard gives the modern man a touch of masculinity and strength.  Savvy beard growers are investing a lot in their grooming and maintenance. The way a man styles, trims, and grooms his beard shows style and character.

Although facial hair is a part of a man’s biological make up, proper skin care to prevent skin problems underneath the beard is very important. It is necessary for professionals to offer services that will benefit both the skin and the beard. It is up to the professional to make sure that the skin is taken care of all over the face and home treatments are suggested.  Beard treatments can be a lucrative add-on so professionals may want to consider incorporating beard services into men’s facial treatments.


Treatments for Men

Men are looking for specific services and treatments that help them maintain healthy skin and address facial hair.  Men’s facials should ease razor irritation, provide deep pore cleansing and increase hydration while protecting and restoring skin.  Professionals must treat the beard as an extension to the skin, and do not avoid it. When treating the beard, you want to really work deeply into the hair follicles. Longer beards in the facial can get a little messy, but it is crucial to get past the hair and into the skin.

Beard facials are not that much different from regular facials. These treatments should be geared toward the skin. Using products and tools that are both beneficial for the skin and beard helps limit skin problems, as well as hydrate the beard. Use steam and a cleansing brush or facial sponge or cloth in circular motions to work out any impurities. Use hot steamed towels to allow the pores to stay open to extract clogged pores and ingrown hairs (folliculitis). Facial massage, oxygen therapy, Gua Sha, LED treatments, lymph drainage will help with circulation, inflammation and excrete toxins to make the skin healthy and vibrant.


Home Care for the Beard

When it comes to beards, shaping, cutting, and trimming facial hairs fall into the barber’s hands, but maintaining a man’s beard goes beyond that. Not only do we need men to use quality and professional skin care products, men also need to care for that beard.  The use of beard oils and balms are getting more and more popular.  The top benefits of using beard oil include its ability to reduce itching, prevent inflammation, boost appearance and aroma, and make it easier to style your beard, among others.

Beard oil is a product that is designed to provide moisture and nutrients to the skin beneath the beard, as well as to the beard itself.  The use of beard oil is to improve texture, health, and appearance of facial hair. Some of the most popular ingredients in beard oil include jojoba oil, coconut oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil, and dozens of other essential oils and aromatic compounds.  It can moisturize, improve nutrient reception of the follicles, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection, all of which can improve growth appearance of a beard. Beard care is all about nourishing the facial hair and skin underneath to keep it clean, hydrated, and healthy.



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