Tenille Rollins


Tenille Rollins is a tenacious business woman, a dedicated wife, a mother of two amazing girls, and the owner of multiple skin care businesses. Tenille has been an esthetician for over fourteen years making her a master at her craft.

Tenille started in this business as a new esthetician working for commission in one small room. She began accumulating countless hours of advanced education in skin care, progressive modalities, and ingredients. This lead her to design unique and specific treatments for her clients while using a holistic approach.

Her motivation to push forward in this industry allowed her to eventually open her first day spa- Nirvana Face & Body. Seven years later, it is one of most prevalent, peaceful and beautiful spas in town. Always demanding the highest education and standards from herself and her employees, this location has thrived and has the highest customer base of all spas in the area.

Just over one year ago, Tenille’s determination and forward thinking drove her to open her second location – The Facial Bar by Nirvana. This innovative day spa was created to accommodate a busier clientele, larger groups and walk-ins.

This unique spa style was a first in our community and unique to the industry. Tenille’s desire to venture off the beaten path has been extraordinarily successful and she now employees over 20 working estheticians.

Tenille has also produced and created her own holistic skincare line- Nirvana Skincare. Having vast knowledge of many different product lines and ingredients, she worked with skincare labs and brands to create efficient and effective products for the treatment room and at home. She is committed to utilizing clean skincare by using products that are free of parabens, fragrances, PEGs and many other toxic ingredients. Making positive changes on the skin, seeing results and efficacy was her main goal in designing Nirvana Skincare.

Over the years, Tenille has massively advanced in business and the spa industry. She is an incredible trainer, instructor and mentor to all of her employees and fellow estheticians. Because of her leadership, she has employees that are sought after by clients, skincare companies and industry leaders for their knowledge and capabilities. She is always striving forward to guarantee clients are receiving exceptional customer service, the most effective and beneficial spa treatments, and are provided with highest quality and affordable retail products. Tenille’s work as an esthetician is exceptional, her education is continuous and her contribution and devotion to the skincare industry is immeasurable.